2018 Show


Earlier this year we had a meeting with new managers at the East Of England Showground predominantly about arrangements for the 2017 Autumn show and the London Championship Show as part of it. At this meeting we were informed that because of continuing very heavy financial losses to the East Of England, 2017 would be the last Autumn Food & Country Fair.
This information was quite a bombshell for us to take in as we had not been given any advance knowledge of such news, although I think all of the regular visitors to this event have seen the numbers decrease over the years.

Discussion took place about any possible ways we could salvage something from the London point of view and when we eventually left the meeting there were signs of a possible way out of what looked like a very bleak future. After numerous phone calls and E mails we felt we had something to put before the committee at their next meeting.

There were 3 options to consider:
1. make 2017 the last London
2. to find another venue which was affordable, animal friendly (both of
which are needs being difficult to fulfill) and in an accessible part of
the country.
3. to accept the package negotiated with East Of England Showground
and continue using the same building as we have in the last few years,
even though it is a 5 figure sum.

The committee fully discussed the situation and we are very pleased to say that option 3 was agreed to. It will mean a lot of changes to the financial aspect of the London particularly if we cannot get a major sponsor, but all that is for the future. We will be the only organization in the building and on site for that matter. We will be having the use of the newly refurbished Cambridge and Peterborough suites for meals and the social as usual.

Along with our fancier friends on Facebook everybody knows the true facts now and we hope we can all concentrate on ensuring the 2017 London is back up to breaking records, and in 2018 we can expand into the full building when it will be business as usual for the London.

Derek Medlock (Chairman)
Jim Blanchard (Secretary)